Producing High Volume, High Precision Turned Components




CNH Machine is a manufacturer of precision turned components. Their facility is capable of high volume production runs with quantities as high as 500,000. Customers served include those in the fluid power, aerospace/ defense, medical, electrical, and automotive industries, among others. Typical parts include precision fasteners, pins, bolts, hydraulic fittings, and O2 sensor bungs.

Swiss Screw Machines
High precision Swiss machines were originally developed in Switzerland over 100 years ago to produce the small, precisely machined parts needed by the watch industry. Today, these machines are used in many diversified industries. They’re capable of producing complex, high precision parts to tolerances of +/- .0001. Examples include parts for electrical connectors, controls, valves, medical instruments and devices, military/ aerospace/ defense components, and parts for the automotive industry.

Multi-Spindle CNC Screw Machines
CNC multi-spindle screw machines are capable of producing high precision turned components from stainless, steel, aluminum, and brass. These machines are an ideal choice when very high production runs of up to 500,000 parts are required.

Manufacturing Expertise
CNH’s staff are able to partner with customers to design parts for manufacturability. This means more efficient use of machines and raw materials, faster turn-around times for production runs, and ultimately, less expensive parts.

Additional Services:

  • CNH offers several additional services to clients who need a single-source shop:
  • Plating
  • Passivating
  • Painting
  • Annodizing
  • Heat treating
  • Grinding



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